MatlabProjectTemplate mostly works out of the box on Windows. But some of its features don’t, because base Windows lacks the Unix development tools that some of the build steps use.

Building and previewing documentation

Unless you’re using gh-pages-raw as your doc tool, the documentation build process requires Ruby/Bundler/Jekyll or mkdocs, which are oriented towards a Unix environment. These won’t work out of the box.

You can install Windows Subsystem for Linux and manually do the previews and builds there, if you’re familiary with Jekyll or mkdocs.

TODO: Figure out how to get these running on “plain” Windows, and document it.

Building custom Java code

The custom Java code build process has two hitches on Windows: it requires Maven, which is a little tricky to install. And it can’t be run while Matlab is running and has your library loaded, because Matlab locks .jar files which are loaded on the javaclasspath. So you need to the build externally using make java, and the make stuff doesn’t work on plain Windows.

You can install Windows Subsystem for Linux and do the Java builds there using make java.

You can also do the Java build manually:

  • Exit Matlab.
  • Open the src/java/myproject-java Maven project in a Java IDE that supports Maven, like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, or NetBeans.
  • Rebuild the project.
  • Copy the resulting .jar file in src/java/myproject-java/target to lib/java/myproject-java
  • Restart Matlab.

TODO: Figure out how to do Java builds more easily on “plain” Windows, and document it.